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Home Surfaces You Should Pressure Wash In Spring

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You might want to pressure wash many of your house’s surfaces in the spring. Doing this may prepare your outdoor area for the warmer months and any barbecues or outdoor events you could host for your loved ones and friends. Consider pressure washing the following surfaces in the spring.

Patios and Decks

Concrete or Asphalt patios and decks made of wood or faux wood are exposed to various factors. Direct sunshine, smog, pollen and dander, dirt and dust, rain, and ice are all things they have to face. This may make the material used to construct the deck or patio appear faded and old. Pressure washing can help make your patios and decks look newer and cleaner. It ensures that your patio or deck looks its finest when you barbecue with your family or friends.


Regardless of the material, winter weather can damage your home’s fences. Mud near the fence’s base might spray upwards, making the fence look dirtier. Rain and snow can also make the fence appear dirty. While also assisting in extending the lifespan of the fencing material, pressure washing your fences in the spring helps you get your outdoor space ready for guests during the warmer months.

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